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The effect of unilateral naris occlusion on the cellular dynamics of developing olfactory epithelium was investigated in postnatal rats. Nares of rat pups, at 1, 5, and 10 d postnatally, were cauterized; after a 30 d survival period, the olfactory mucosa was examined histologically, and quantitative estimates were made of total number of receptor neurons(More)
A phenotypic female with mild mental retardation, minor facial anomalies, and short stature has been evaluated clinically and cytogenetically over 29 years. At age 59, she remains physically well and shows no signs of dementia. Cytogenetic analysis, performed on peripheral blood specimens on 10 occasions between 1961 and 1990, showed mosaicism with one cell(More)
A fetus with 48,XXY,+21 was detected on routine amniocentesis at 15 weeks for advanced maternal age. Fibroblast cultures from six different tissues were initiated after termination and each showed the same karyotype without any tissue limited mosaicism. The only phenotypic abnormality detected at post-mortem examination was bilateral clinodactyly of the(More)
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