J Mendoza Montero

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A new emotional multimedia database has been recorded and aligned. The database comprises speech and video recordings of one actor and one actress simulating a neutral state and the Big Six emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, fear and disgust. Due to a careful design and its size (more than 100 minutes per emotion), the recorded database allows(More)
This paper proposes an architecture, based on statistical machine translation, for developing the text normalization module of a text to speech conversion system. The main target is to generate a language independent text normalization module, based on data and flexible enough to deal with all situations presented in this task. The proposed architecture is(More)
The association of leukemia and pregnancy is not common. We have analyzed the hematologic and obstetric problems occurring in 10 pregnant leukemic patients, 7 with acute leukemia and 3 with chronic myeloid leukemia. One patient died in the fifth month of pregnancy with a nonviable fetus. There was one premature twin birth with both fetuses dead. The other(More)
To assess the effect of megestrol acetate (MA) on the appetite and weight of cancer patients with nonhormone-dependent tumors, a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial was designed. One hundred fifty patients were included: 76 were given MA (240 mg/day orally) for at least 2 months, and 74 were given placebo (P). Body weight, subjective sense of appetite(More)
Seventy metastatic breast adenocarcinoma patients, pretreated with standard hormonotherapy or chemotherapy, received continuous UFT at 10 mg/kg/day, orally, for at least two months. There were one complete response (1.5%), 12 partial responses (17%), one minor response and 37 disease stabilizations. The median duration of response was nine months. A greater(More)
Recent studies suggest an association between Chlamydia pneumoniae infection with atherosclerosis, including cerebrovascular disease. We investigated the prevalence of Chlamydial seropositivity in patients with acute ischaemic stroke syndrome compared with age- and sex-matched control subjects. Specific antibodies (IgA) to C. pneumoniae were measured by(More)
This paper concerns emotion modeling for a taskindependent agent by integrating a module of needs. Inspired by theoretical views with regards to human needs, we suggest that appraisals can be confined within various scopes of needs, and to demonstrate this, we propose an emotion framework which allows control over appraisals via pre-defined levels of needs,(More)
We describe the synthetic voices entered into the 2013 Blizzard Challenge by the SIMPLE4ALL consortium. The 2013 Blizzard Challenge presents an opportunity to test and benchmark some of the tools we have been developing to address two problems of interest: 1) how best to learn from plentiful ‘found’ data, and 2) how to produce systems in arbitrary new(More)