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1. The potential for a drug interaction between cyclosporin A and midazolam was investigated since both compounds appear to be metabolized by the same cytochrome P-450 isoenzyme. 2. In vitro evaluation of the binding of cyclosporin A to rat microsomal cytochrome P-450 indicated a Ks-value of 0.4 microM. In further studies with rat liver microsomes(More)
In a total of 581 patients with the presumptive clinical diagnosis of bone marrow metastases, core biopsies of the iliac crest were performed to evaluate the frequency of infiltrates in routinely taken samples. The frequency of metastases depends greatly on the varying clinical indications to perform an examination. Staging procedures will result in a(More)
In three groups (each n = 12) of unselected hospitalized patients treated either with digoxin, theophylline, or gentamicin routinely performed TDM measurement of trough steady-state plasma levels (+ peak levels in case of gentamicin) was combined with a pharmacokinetic study at steady state (multiple blood sampling during one dosing interval).(More)
A 20-year-old man with severe physical weakness (from which he soon recovered spontaneously) was found to have hypoproteinaemia and lymphocytopenia (768/microliters). Ten years later, after having been free of symptoms in the meantime, oedema, ascites and abdominal pain occurred, associated with loss of physical capacity. Enteric loss of protein (alpha(More)
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