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We are constructing a <italic>workbench</italic> for computational geometry. This is intended to provide a framework for the implementation, testing, demonstration and application of algorithms in computational geometry. The workbench is being written in Smalltalk/V using an Apple Macintosh II. The object-oriented model used in Smalltalk is well-suited to(More)
Previous work on structural software reliability modelling should be extended to account for data flow in software. A way forward is explained by contrasting two extremely simple examples of software structure. In addition to improving software reliability estimates, development of such an approach is important because it has the potential to provide(More)
A simplified stereo-vision system was developed to position a VTOL UAV in front of an open window. The system uses two commercial off-the-shelf cameras. The stereo vision process used eliminates the image registration process, by exploiting known features in the environment. The system was used to successfully deploy a payload through the open window.
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