J. Martin Lindsay

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We consider normal Markovian cocycles on a von Neu-mann algebra which are adapted to a Fock filtration. Every such cocycle k which is Markov-regular and consists of completely positive contractions is realised as a conditioned *-homomorphic cocycle. This amounts to a stochastic gener-alisation of a recent dilation result for norm-continuous normal(More)
Correspondence In their article " National Missile Defense and the Future of U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy , " Charles Glaser and Steve Fetter perform a valuable service for readers of International Security and, more generally, the U.S. debate on national missile defense (NMD). 1 Their nonpolemical treatment of the technical, military, diplomatic, and(More)
We develop fully noncommutative Feynman–Kac formulae by employing quantum stochastic processes. To this end we establish some theory for perturbing quantum stochastic flows on von Neumann algebras by multiplier cocycles. Multiplier cocycles are constructed via quantum stochastic differential equations whose coefficients are driven by the flow. The resulting(More)
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