J. Martin Kelley

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Inventories and compositions of Pu isotopes and 237Np in archived soil samples collected in the 1970s from 54 locations around the world were determined to provide regional baselines for recognizing possible future environmental inputs of non-fallout Pu and Np. As sample sizes used in this work were small (typically 1 g), inhomogeneities in Pu and Np(More)
We have examined the distribution of individual Pu isotopes (239Pu, 240Pu, and 241Pu) in seawater from the Gulf of Maine (GOM). Samples were size-fractionated with a 1 kD cross-flow ultrafiltration (CFF) membrane. Subfractioned samples were radiochemically purified and Pu isotopes were analyzed using a three-stage thermal ionization mass spectrometer(More)
The modern approach in teaching computer architecture is to describe the computing machine in terms of its major units (store, processor, etc.) and then to describe each of these units in progressively greater detail. This contrasts with the earlier approach in which individual gating circuits were described, and later developed into larger units. The older(More)
With its sheer amount of information, the Web is clearly an important frontier for data mining. While Web mining must start with content on the Web, there is no effective “search-based” mechanism to help sifting through the information on the Web. Our goal is to provide a such online search-based facility for supporting query primitives, upon which Web(More)
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