J. Martijn Smit

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We present numerical calculations of spherically symmetric radiative transport using a two-moment (P-1) method with a two-dimensional non-linear closure on the Eddington factor. The stationary state solutions contain a critical point. We demonstrate that the two-moment equations with a non-linear closure are well behaved. The solutions are physically(More)
To assess the impact of atmospheric aerosols on health, climate, and air traffic, aerosol properties must be measured with fine spatial and temporal sampling. This can be achieved by actively involving citizens and the technology they own to form an atmospheric measurement network. We establish this new measurement strategy by developing and deploying(More)
BACKGROUND Oxidative stress plays an important role in the course and eventual outcome in a majority of patients admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU). Markers to estimate oxidative stress are not readily available in a clinical setting. AGEs accumulation has been merely described in chronic conditions, but can also occur acutely due to oxidative(More)
Two-dimensional maximum entropy closure and various standard one-dimensional closures in flux-limited neu-trino diffusion and two-moment transport are compared against direct numerical solutions of the neutrino Boltzmann equation. The approximate transport based on particular closures of the moment equations is rated by testing so-called weak equivalence of(More)
There are two suitable methods for estimating the ventilatory response to CO2: the steady state or the Read method. The latter is usually applied because of its shorter duration and its stimulus, near to tissue PCO2. From recent studies on a physiological model but also on the dynamics of the ventilatory CO2 response (G liters min-1 kPa-1), it can be shown,(More)
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