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We present a noninvasive imaging method for objective determination of the depth of burn wounds. The method is easy to use and enables even the nonspecialized physician to determine the burn depth at a very early time and to make available an objective documentation for quality management.
Determination of the number of colonies (colony forming units, CFU) is a standard method in microbiological analysis to ensure the quality of drinking water. Normally this tedious work is still performed manually. A PC-based method for the automated counting of digitized images of Petri dishes is presented. The method includes highly specific and effective(More)
Objective evaluation of chronic wounds, such as leg ulcers, by the use of non-invasive techniques is of importance for diagnosis, monitoring treatment response, and probably leads to improved treatment strategies. We performed a feasibility study for the combined use of a multi-spectral camera and a hyper-spectral probe to evaluate chronic leg ulcers with a(More)
The monitoring of free flaps, free transplants or organs for transplantation still poses a problem in medicine. Available systems for the measurement of perfusion and oxygenation can only perform localized measurements and usually need contact with the tissue. Contact free hyperspectral imaging and near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) for the analysis of(More)
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