J-Mark McKinney

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Iris transillumination defects may be important markers of disease severity and/or disease activity in patients with pigmentary glaucoma. We present a simple method for quantitation of iris transillumination defects using infrared iris transillumination videography and computerized image analysis. Three observers independently made multiple measurements of(More)
The surgical management of an emerging clinical entity, namely disabling transient cerebral ischemic attacks, is described. A series of 19 patients treated in a 2-year period (12 with anterior circulation dysfunction and seven with posterior insufficiency) met the following criteria: 1) stereotypical recurrent episodes of transient neurological dysfunction(More)
Accessing the bypassed portion of the stomach via conventional endoscopy is difficult following Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery. However, endoscopic examination of the stomach and small bowel is possible through percutaneous access into the bypassed stomach (BS) with a combined radiologic and endoscopic technique. We present a case of obscure overt(More)
Streptococcus salivarius is naturally a predominant member of the human oropharynx and the commercial probiotic strain K12 has been consumed for more than a decade. The present study examines the health responses of human volunteers to oral ingestion of high doses of S. salivarius K12. A randomized group of 53 subjects received a dose of 1 × 10(10)cfu S.(More)
A sequence of studies sought to determine if 2-deoxy-D-glucose (2DG) produces malaise as a side effect. Drug treatment at dosages at least as low as 250 mg/kg triggered an immediate inhibition of fluid intake. In nondeprived animals, 750 mg/kg but not lower dosages of 2DG evoked a delayed but statistically significant level of pica as measured by kaolin(More)