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Optical antennas are elementary units used to direct optical radiation to the nanoscale. Here we demonstrate an active control over individual antenna performances by an external electrical trigger. We find that by an in-plane command of an anisotropic load medium, the electromagnetic interaction between individual elements constituting an optical antenna(More)
In the present work, the combination of chemical immobilization with electron beam lithography enables the production of sensitive and reproducible SERS-active areas composed of stochastic arrangements of gold nanoparticles. The number of nanoparticles was varied from 2 to 500. Thereby a systematic analysis of these SERS-active areas allows us to study SERS(More)
We investigate the acousto-plasmonic dynamics of metallic nano-objects by means of resonant Raman scattering and time-resolved femtosecond transient absorption. We observe an unexpectedly strong acoustic vibration band in the Raman scattering of silver nanocolumns, usually not found in isolated nano-objects. The frequency and the polarization of this(More)
Using ultrafast spectroscopy, we investigated electron-lattice coupling and acoustic vibrations in self-assembled silver nanocolumns embedded in an amorphous Al2O3 matrix. The measured electron-lattice energy exchange time is smaller in the nanocolumns than in bulk silver, with a value very close to that of isolated nanospheres with comparable surface to(More)
The elastic and plastic behaviors of silica glasses densified at various maximum pressure reached (12 GPa, 15 GPa, 19 GPa, and 22 GPa), were analyzed using in situ Raman and Brillouin spectroscopies. The elastic anomaly was observed to progressively vanish up to a maximum pressure reached of 12 GPa, beyond which it is completely suppressed. Above the(More)
Modelling the mechanical response of silica glass is still challenging, due to the lack of knowledge concerning the elastic properties of intermediate states of densification. An extensive Brillouin Light Scattering study on permanently densified silica glasses after cold compression in diamond anvil cell has been carried out, in order to deduce the elastic(More)
Optical and vibrational properties of novel self-assembled silver nanocolumns are studied experimentally and theoretically. The split of the surface plasmon resonance into transverse and longitudinal modes verifies the one-dimensional character of the nanocolumns. In this work, we have identified the acoustic vibration modes of the nanocolumns using Raman(More)
We report the preparation of a new type of nanocomposite containing cobalt and silver nanoparticles organized in parallel layers with a well controlled separation. This arrangement allows the observation of an enhanced low-frequency Raman signal at the vibration frequency of cobalt nanoparticles excited through the surface plasmons of silver nanoparticles.(More)
Raman scattering experiments have been carried out to study persistent densification in SiO(2) glass following hydrostatic compression at room temperature. A new relationship linking selective Raman parameters to the degree of densification in the glass has been developed here. This approach will allow quantification of the residual densification in silica(More)
Plasmonic structures are commonly used to both confine and enhance surface electromagnetic fields. In the past ten years, their peculiar optical properties have given rise to many promising applications ranging from high density data storage to surface optical trapping. In this context, we investigated both far-field and near-field optical response of a(More)