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The observation that glucocorticoids increase the abundance of apolipoprotein A-I led us to a search for potential underlying mechanism(s). In this report, we show that the synthetic glucocorticoid, dexamethasone, injected into rats increases serum levels of apoA-I protein, hepatic mRNA and "run-on' transcription of the gene by 3-, 5-, and 2-fold,(More)
Advances in the ability to identify, evaluate, and care for infants with hypertension, coupled with advances in the practice of Neonatology, have led to an increased awareness of hypertension in modern neonatal intensive care units. This review will present updated data on blood pressure values in neonates, with a focus on the changes that occur over the(More)
Oestrogens protect against ischaemic heart disease in the post-menopausal female by increasing serum concentrations of apolipoprotein (apo) AI and the abundance of high-density lipoprotein particles. In men and experimental male animals, the administration of oestrogen has variable effects on apo AI expression. As the major mode of oestrogen action on(More)
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