J. Maré Viles

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Intraventricular and intrahypothalamic infusions of phlorizin (PHL) are known to cause hyperphagia and to prevent gold thioglucose (GTG) lesion formation in the ventromedial hypothalamus (VMH), respectively. In this study, PHL, administered IP in a large dose (900 mg/kg), completely inhibited GTG necrosis in the VMH. PHL did not cause excessive urinary(More)
Resumen. Desarrollo de una base de datos con una interfaz vía web que permita la gestión y consulta de proyectos final de carrera desde diversas plataformas, al personal de la biblioteca de la ETSE-ETSEQ, que permita además una consulta fàcil i àgil a los alumnos, profesores y personal del Departament d' enginyeria electrònica, elèctrica i automàtica) de la(More)
In an ultrastructural study of gold thioglucose (GTG) lesion formation in the mouse ventromedial hypothalamus (VMH), a single intraperitoneal subnecrotic dose of GTG (100 mg/kg) was used to induce a VMH microlesion, visible only by electron microscopy. Definitive neuronal alterations were not evident until eight hours after GTG injection. Large(More)
Mongolian gerbils do not develop ventromedial hypothalamic (VMH) lesions, as seen in mice, when challenged with gold thioglucose (GTG, 800, 1600 and 3600 mg/kg IP). Insulin administration or bilateral adrenalectomy, procedures which sensitize nonresponsive mice to GTG, have no effect in the gerbil given GTG. These findings suggest that the gerbil VMH(More)
Morris 7777 hepatoma cells, maintained in culture for 5 days in Lewis medium supplemented with 0.1 to 0.35 mM cis-unsaturated fatty acid of the oleic (number of carbon atoms: number of double bonds, 18:1), linoleic (18:2), or arachidonic (20:4) type, were compared to similarly maintained, unsupplemented cells as to ultrastructure and fatty acid composition.(More)
Insulin is apparently not required for VMH glucose oxidation in vitro. Ouabain, an inhibitor of the Na-K pump ATPase, does not prevent VMH glucose oxidation in vitro. These data suggest (a) the VMH does not exhibit a cotransport phenomenon of glucose with the Na-K pump mechanism, and (b) glucose oxidation in the VMH is not insulin dependent.(More)
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