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  • Baron Aznar Catia, Moreno Jimenez, +5 authors Ballesteros Zebadúa Paola
  • 2008
In Radiotherapy, Integrated dose (ID) is the total delivered energy in a target. This physical parameter could be a predictor for complications such as brain edema and radionecrosis after stereotactic radiotherapy (SRT) treatments for brain tumors. ID depends on the tissue density and volume. Using CT patient images from the National Institute of Neurology(More)
The plasma membrane proton pump (H+-ATPase) energizes solute uptake by secondary transporters. Wild-type Arabidopsis plasma membrane H+-ATPase (AHA2) and truncated H+-ATPases lacking 38, 51, 61, 66, 77, 92, 96, and 104 C-terminal amino acids were produced in yeast. All AHAS species were correctly targeted to the yeast plasma membrane and, in addition,(More)
Basing ourselves on Janelidze and Kelly’s general notion of central extension, we study universal central extensions in the context of semi-abelian categories. Thus we unify classical, recent and new results in one conceptual framework. The theory we develop is relative to a chosen Birkhoff subcategory of the category considered: for instance, we consider(More)
priorities permit. The comments should not exceed 350 words in length, with a maximum of five references; one figure or table can be printed. Exceptions may occur under particular circumstances. Contributions may include comments on articles published in this periodical, or they may be reports of unique educational character. Please include a cover letter(More)
Delirious Gaudí considers the works of the famous architect of Barcelona as "a mountain of evidences without manifesto" (as claimed by Rem Koolhaas of Manhattan in his famous essay of 1978) not in the manner of a non-existent statement of Gaudí, but rather as delusional or hallucinatory signs of a highly qualified person, firstly interpreted as symptoms,(More)
For G a finite group and X a G-space on which a normal subgroup A acts trivially, we show that the G-equivariant K-theory of X decomposes as a direct sum of twisted equivariant K-theories of X parametrized by the orbits of the conjugation action of G on the irreducible representations of A. The twists are group 2-cocycles which encode the obstruction of(More)
  • Felipe Caro, Javier García Torralbo, +9 authors Inditex S A
  • 2009
Overcoming significant technical and human difficulties, Zara recently deployed a new process relying extensively on sophisticated Operations Research models to determine every single shipment of inventory it sends from its two central warehouses to its 1500 stores worldwide. This new process has increased sales by an estimated 3‐4%,(More)