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A new kinetic model for binary mixtures and its Lattice Boltzman (LB) discretiza-tion is presented. In the hydrodynamic limit the model recovers the Navier-Stokes and the Stefan-Maxwell binary diffusion equations. The thermodynamic consistency is ensured by the defined non-negative entropy production within the domain of applicability of the model. The(More)
An isothermal model on the standard two-dimension nine-velocity lattice (D2Q9) is proposed and analyzed. It originates from the thermal model with energy conservation introduced by N. I. Prasianakis and I. V. Karlin [Phys. Rev. E 76, 016702 (2007)]. The isothermal and the thermal equivalent models are tested through the simulation of the decay of a shear(More)
The catalytic combustion of fuel-lean methane/air premixtures over platinum was investigated experimentally and numerically in the pressure range 4 to 16 bar. Experiments were performed in an optically accessible, laminar channel-flow catalytic reactor. In situ, spatially resolved Raman measurements of major species and temperature over the reactor boundary(More)
Physical implementations of quantum computers face the far from trivial problem of controlling the various sources of decoherence acting upon the quantum bits. A promising possibility is to explore the topological properties displayed by some quantum systems in order to build a topologically protected quantum bit. Recently, Ioffe and collaborators realized(More)
The validity of various hetero/homogeneous chemical reaction schemes in the catalytically stabilized combustion (CST) of hydrogen/air mixtures over platinum is investigated experimentally and numerically. The work stems from the internationally intensified effort to commercialize power generation turbines operating with the ultra-low NOx CST technology.(More)
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