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A new kinetic model for binary mixtures and its Lattice Boltzman (LB) discretiza-tion is presented. In the hydrodynamic limit the model recovers the Navier-Stokes and the Stefan-Maxwell binary diffusion equations. The thermodynamic consistency is ensured by the defined non-negative entropy production within the domain of applicability of the model. The(More)
An isothermal model on the standard two-dimension nine-velocity lattice (D2Q9) is proposed and analyzed. It originates from the thermal model with energy conservation introduced by N. I. Prasianakis and I. V. Karlin [Phys. Rev. E 76, 016702 (2007)]. The isothermal and the thermal equivalent models are tested through the simulation of the decay of a shear(More)
The validity of various hetero/homogeneous chemical reaction schemes in the catalytically stabilized combustion (CST) of hydrogen/air mixtures over platinum is investigated experimentally and numerically. The work stems from the internationally intensified effort to commercialize power generation turbines operating with the ultra-low NOx CST technology.(More)
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