J. Malleswara Rao

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Image fusion based on the Fourier and wavelet transform methods retain rich multispectral details but less spatial details from source images. Wavelets perform well only at linear features but not at non linear discontinuities because they do not use the geometric properties of structures. Curvelet transforms overcome such difficulties in feature(More)
Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) Resourcesat satellites have AWiFS, LISS-III, LISS-IV sensors of 56m, 23.2m, 5.8m spatial resolutions respectively and of having identical spectral and temporal (simultaneous acquisition) resolutions but they are different in spatial and radiometric resolutions. In this work, we are trying to create high resolution (HR) image from(More)
Traditional search is keyword based search and does not focus on relationship between the words. In semantic search, the search is performed on basis of the meaning of the terms and concepts. The semantics i. e. meaning is expressed through structured knowledge representation or Ontologies. Resource Description Framework (RDF) is used as the data model and(More)
Relational databases are queried using database query languages such as SQL. Natural language interfaces to databases (NLIDB) are systems that translate a natural language sentence into a database query. In this modern techno-crazy world, as more and more laymen access various systems and applications through their smart phones and tablets, the need for(More)
Every sensor is designed to meet a specific objective. To meet the different objectives varieties of sensors are designed. Sometimes the derived information from these specific sensors individually is not enough to meet the objective of current application. There is a need to improve the accuracy of the information with confidence over period of time. In(More)
Most spaceborne sensors have a tradeoff between high spatial and high temporal resolutions. This tradeoff limits the use of remote sensing data in various applications that require images in both the high spatial and high temporal resolutions. In this paper, we propose a novel technique to create a fine spatial and high temporal resolution images at a(More)
This paper is a brief survey of advance technological aspects of Digital Image Processing which are applied to remote sensing images obtained from various satellite sensors. In remote sensing, the image processing techniques can be categories in to four main processing stages: Image pre-processing, Enhancement, Transformation and Classification. Image(More)
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