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The rapid development of data transfer through internet made it easier to send the data accurate and faster to the destination. Besides this, anyone can modify and misuse the valuable information through hacking at the same time. This paper presents video steganography with digital watermarking techniques as an efficient and robust tool for protection. This(More)
Semantic Web Services, like conventional web services, are the server end of a client–server system for machine-to-machine interaction via the World Wide Web. Semantic services are a component of the semantic web because they use markup which makes data machine-readable in a detailed and sophisticated way (as compared with human-readable HTML which is(More)
Steganography is an art and technique of hiding data in some media i.e image, audio or video file. For hiding data various steganography techniques are used. This paper is an effort to provide comprehensive comparison of these steganography techniques based on different performance metrics such as PSNR, MSE and Embedding capacity. [16] The embedding(More)
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