J. Majerová

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European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) seedlings of three different origins were used to evaluate the effect of water deficit and recovery during the most vulnerable phase of forest tree life. Gas-exchange characteristics and fluorescence rapid light curves were studied in the seedlings from a warm region (PV1, 530 m a.s.l.), seedlings from a moderately warm(More)
Sažetak Cilj ovog članka je opisati teoretske aspekte stvaranja brenda u proizvodnji ribe i morskih plodova zbog perspektive i nedostatka prakse u stvaranju brenda u ovom području. U skladu s time opisani su osnovni elementi brendova. Analiziran je razvoj alata koncepta brenda i stvaranje brenda. Theoretical Aspects of Brand Building in Seafood Industry(More)
The notion of recurrence is one of the fundamental notions in the theory of dynamical systems. Recurrence plots, introduced by Eckmann et al. [1987], provide a powerful tool for recurrence visualization. The recurrence plot of the trajectory x0, x1, . . . , xn−1 of a point x = x0 is a black-and-white image with a pixel (i, j) being black if and only if the(More)
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