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– Chalcogenide is a proven phase change material used in re-writeable CDs and DVDs. This material changes phases, reversibly and quickly, between an amorphous state that is dull in appearance and electrically high in resistance, and a polycrystalline state that is highly reflective and low in resistance. The application of this commercially proven(More)
BAE Systems, under contract to the US Air Force Research Labs, has been developing a 4Mb Non-Volatile Chalcogenide Random Access Memory (C-RAM¿) optimized for the radiation environments encountered in spacecraft applications. C-RAM is a phase change memory with a unique combination of features that collectively provide a high-density, low-power,(More)
During the first stage of a multi-year research program, BAE SYSTEMS and Ovonyx have designed, fabricated and tested a series of test chips to demonstrate full integration of a chalcogenide-based non-volatile memory element into a radiation hardened CMOS process. The test structures range from simple two- and four-point-probe material characterization(More)
The first generation of C-RAM memory is designed to greatly exceed (in density, write speed, endurance) the existing non-volatile memory solutions for space and to close the gap that exists between system requirements and availability. Based on the success of the 64 kb C-RAM program, we are designing a 4 Mb C-RAM product implemented in 0.25 /spl mu/m(More)
We report on the progress of a recent addition to non-volatile solid state memory technologies suited for space and other ionizing radiation environments. We summarize the material and processing science behind the current generation of chalcogenide phase-change memories fabricated on CMOS structures. The chalcogenide material used for phase-change(More)
A 4 Mbit non-volatile chalcogenide-random access memory (C-RAM<sup>TM</sup>) has been designed and fabricated in RH 25, a radiation hardened CMOS technology. The top-down design focused on accommodating chalcogenide process variations and satisfying space system specifications. The optimized band-gap circuit supplies reference current and voltage that meet(More)
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