J. Maier

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The exploitation of interface effects turned out to be a powerful tool for generating exciting material properties. Such properties include magnetism, electronic and ionic transport and even superconductivity. Here, instead of using conventional homogeneous doping to enhance the hole concentration in lanthanum cuprate and achieve superconductivity, we(More)
OBJECTIVES We aimed to further elucidate the functional and attentional regulation of cortical excitability in migraine patients. METHODS We investigated the cortical silent period (CSP) after transcranial magnetic stimulation as a measure of cortical inhibition under three conditions: resting condition, cortical preactivation during reaction preparation,(More)
Using spherical aberration corrected high-resolution and analytical scanning transmission electron microscopy, we have quantitatively studied the lattice distortion and the redistribution of charges in two-dimensionally strontium (Sr)-doped La2CuO4 superlattices, in which single LaO planes are periodically replaced by SrO planes. As shown previously, such(More)
Clostridium sp. strain FS41 (DSM 6877) is a strictly anaerobic and Gram-positive spindle-shaped rod. This spore-forming bacterium is able to degrade N-methylhydantoin, with N-carbamoylsarcosine and sarcosine as intermediates. The genome consists of one replicon (6.28 Mb) and harbors 5,735 predicted protein-coding genes.
Orthorhombic Li x FePO 4 (0 ≤ x ≤ 1) system has attracted much attention for its application as a high power cathode material in lithium ion batteries. [ 1 ] Although the performance of this material has been greatly improved by cation doping, surface coating and size reduction, [ 2–4 ] the fundamental phase transformation mechanisms accompanying(More)
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) persists into adulthood in about 30 to 50% of cases. Symptoms of ADHD in parents might affect effective therapeutic approaches in children. The objective of this study was to investigate (1) the retrospective rate of ADHD in biological parents of children with a diagnosis of ADHD, (2) the relation between(More)
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