J Magnus C Sjögren

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BACKGROUND Amyloid beta(40) (Abeta(40)) is the most abundant Abeta peptide in the brain. The cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) level of Abeta(40) might therefore be considered to most closely reflect the total Abeta load in the brain. Both in Alzheimer's disease (AD) and in normal aging the Abeta load in the brain has a large inter-individual variability. Relating(More)
BACKGROUND In the evolving field of transcatheter aortic valve replacements a new generation of valves have been introduced to clinical practice. With the complexity of the TAVR procedure and the unique aspects of each TAVR device, there is a perceived risk that changing or adding a new valve in a department could lead to a worse outcome for patients,(More)
INTRODUCTION Chronic mitral regurgitation is often accompanied by left atrial and ventricular remodeling and elevated natriuretic peptide levels. Our aim was to examine the relation between severe preoperative left atrial enlargement and changes in hemodynamics and natriuretic peptide levels after mitral valve surgery. METHODS A prospective study was(More)
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