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In recent past years, investigation of hierarchical self-assembly for constructing artificial functional materials has attracted considerable attention. Discrete metallacycles based on coordination bonds have proven to be valid scaffolds to fabricate various supramolecular polymers or smart soft matter through hierarchical self-assembly. Here, we present(More)
A new discrete supramolecular metallacycle functionalized with an alkynylplatinum(II) bzimpy moiety was successfully prepared via coordination-driven self-assembly, and it displayed a reversible color change in the solid state between yellow and red, triggered by CH2Cl2 vapor or mechanical grinding. Notably, unlike many known vapochromic systems, the(More)
The orbital phase theory was applied to the stabilities of the branched isomers (1) of E(4)H(10) (E = C, Si, Ge, Sn) relative to the normal ones (2). The orbital phase prediction was confirmed by ab initio molecular orbital (MO) and density functional theory (DFT) calculations as well as by some experimental results. Further applications to the relative(More)
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