J. M. van Mourik

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We introduce models of heterogeneous systems with finite connectivity defined on random graphs to capture finite-coordination effects on the low-temperature behavior of finite dimensional systems. Our models use a description in terms of small deviations of particle coordinates from a set of reference positions, particularly appropriate for the description(More)
To test relationships between net N-mineralization, organic matter and soil organisms, we combined micromorphology with laboratory incubation experiments over a soil gradient. Microbial biomass N generally increased with pH, and from sandy to loamy soil, but net N-mineralization showed the opposite, and was highest in acid, sandy soil. Twenty-two(More)
The landscape of the study area (fig. 1,2) is underlain by coversand, deposited during the Late Glacial of the Weichselian. In the Preboreal, aeolian processes reduced soil formation (Stichting voor Bodemkaratering, 1972) and from the Preboreal to the Atlantic a deciduous climax forest developed (Janssen, 1974). The geomorphology was a coversand landscape,(More)
DF 1.1 Mon 09:30 (MÜL Elch) Barium Strontium Titanate Thin Film for RF Applications, Ulrich Böttger DF 2.1 Mon 14:30 (MÜL Elch) Size effects in ferroelectric nanostructures, Andreas Rüdiger DF 4.1 Tue 09:30 (KÖN Farb) Piezoelectric composite materials for smart structures applications , Andreas Schönecker DF 5.1 Tue 09:30 (MÜL Elch) Towards a Statistical(More)
DY 10.1 Mon 09:30 (HÜL 186) Networks in Physics, Maya Paczuski DY 12.7 Mon 12:30 (HÜL 186) The scaling laws of human travel, Dirk Brockmann, Lars Hufnagel, Theo Geisel DY 14.1 Mon 14:30 (HÜL 186) Exploring out-of-equilibrium systems, Luca Peliti DY 20.1 Tue 09:30 (HÜL 186) Quantum Computer dream and realization , Rainer Blatt DY 28.1 Tue 09:30 (MÜL Elch)(More)
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