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BACKGROUND Dietary isothiocyanates inhibit lung carcinogenesis in laboratory animals but human data are limited. Glutathione S-transferases M1 and T1 (GSTM1 and GSTT1) conjugate isothiocyanates leading to more rapid elimination. Common deletion polymorphisms of GSTM1 and GSTT1 abolish enzyme activity. We hypothesised that chemopreventive effects of(More)
Aflatoxins have long been suspected to be human hepatic carcinogens but no direct study was feasible until assays to measure individual aflatoxin exposure became available. We have used assays for urinary aflatoxin B1, its metabolites AFP1 and AFM1, and DNA-adducts (AFB1-N7-Gua) to assess the relation between aflatoxin exposure and liver cancer, as part of(More)
BACKGROUND There is growing evidence that, when smoking habits are comparable, women incur a higher risk of lung cancer than men. Because smokers are also at risk for bladder cancer, we investigated possible sex differences in the susceptibility to bladder cancer among smokers. METHODS A population-based, case--control study was conducted in Los Angeles,(More)
[1] The meteorological mechanisms for lofting trace gases and aerosols out of the planetary boundary layer (PBL) into the free troposphere are key to understanding local air pollution problems as well as regional and global atmospheric chemistry and climate issues. Over the North American continent, convective storms and lifting in warm conveyor belts(More)
Dietary data from a population-based case-control study of 172 epithelial ovarian cancer cases and 172 controls were analysed. A significant (P less than 0.01) dose-response relationship was found between intake of fat from animal sources and risk of ovarian cancer, but plant fat was not associated. Although the effect of animal fat was confounded by(More)
Various aspects of adult diet have been linked to breast cancer development. These include intake of fat (risk factor), and intake of fibre, soy protein and vitamins A, C and E (protective factors). Results of previous studies have been inconsistent. We examined the possible associations between breast cancer and various indices of nutrient and food intake(More)
A population-based, case-control study was conducted in Los Angeles County, California, to investigate the inter-relationships of obesity, hypertension and medications in relation to renal cell carcinoma (RCC) risk. A total of 1204 RCC patients and an equal number of neighbourhood controls were included. Obesity was a strong risk factor for RCC. A fourfold(More)
  • B Gauvreau, N Guo, K Schicker, K Stoeffler, F Boismenu, A Ajji +121 others
  • 2009
We present the fabrication and use of plastic Photonic Band Gap Bragg fibers in photonic textiles for applications in interactive cloths, sensing fabrics, signage and art. In their cross section Bragg fibers feature periodic sequence of layers of two distinct plastics. Under ambient illumination the fibers appear colored due to optical interference in their(More)
Southern Guangxi, China has one of the highest incidences of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in the world. Serum samples collected from subjects of an earlier case-control study (39 cases, 41 controls) and from a random sampling of a residential male cohort (n = 100) were tested for antibodies for the hepatitis C virus (anti-HCV) using ELISA version 2.0 with(More)
Using a sample of 58 million J/ψ events recorded in the BESII detector, the decay J/ψ → ωπ + π − is studied. There are conspicuous ωf 2 (1270) and b 1 (1235)π signals. At low ππ mass, a large broad peak due to the σ is observed, and its pole position is determined to be (541 ± 39)-i (252 ± 42) MeV from the mean of six analyses. The errors are dominated by(More)