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Species A and D of the Anopheles dirus complex were found in China. Ribosomal DNA second internal transcribed spacers (ITS2) of both species A and D were sequenced and found to be 716 and 710 base-pairs in length, respectively, with 69% GC content. No evidence of intraspecific variation was detected in the ITS2 sequence of species A, whereas the sequence of(More)
BACKGROUND It is still not known whether the spinal cytokine signaling pathways are involved in the pathophysiologic mechanism of the acute phase of heart disease. This study examines the expression pattern of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) and its two related mitogenic-activated protein kinases, p38 and Jun-N-terminal kinase (JNK), in the spinal(More)
Prolactinoma is the most common type of primary pituitary tumors. It occurs more frequently in women than in men. Dopaminergic agonists are effective in the shrinkage of prolactin-secreting pituitary tumor and are preferred in some patients. However, pituitary radiotherapy may enable the long-term removal of prolactin-secreting tumor cells. Recent evidence(More)
Melatonin, the pineal neurohormone, is an evolutionarily conserved photoperiodic signaling molecule with diverse functions that include the entrainment of human circadian rhythms. Although evidence supporting a direct inhibitory action of melatonin on human cancer cell proliferation exists in the literature, the molecular and cellular signaling mechanisms(More)
Melatonin inhibited thymidine incorporation into human choriocarcinoma JEG-3 cells at physiological and pharmacological concentrations in the present study. Gene expression of MT2 receptor, but not that of mt1 receptor, was detected in JEG-3 cells by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). The gene expression profile of the two human(More)
By using 2-[125I]iodomelatonin receptor binding studies, we have previously demonstrated high affinity melatonin receptors, the binding activities of which are regulated by testosterone, in the corpus epididymis of rats. In this report, some of the basic molecular and cellular characteristics of these high affinity melatonin receptors in rat corpus(More)
OBJECTIVE To isolate and identify genes related to malaria parasite infection in vector mosquito, and to explore the mechanisms. METHODS Anopheles stephensi infected with Plasmodium yoelii was used as tester (T) group, while uninfected but normal blood fed as driver (D) one. Engorged female mosquitoes of two groups were collected separately at 24 hours(More)
In in vivo test, rats were orally administrated with glycidyl methacrylate (GMA) at respective doses of 250 mg/kg, 125 mg/kg and 62.5 mg/kg, 31.25 mg/kg and solvent as control for 14 days. DNA adducts produced in the liver, kidney, blood and testis were analyzed by RP-HPLC and nuclease P1 mediated 32P-postlabelling method. Results showed that several(More)
BACKGROUND Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) had been reported to correlate with immunomodulatory effects and the severity of acute rejection (AR) after liver transplantation. We sought to study the time course of IDO mRNA expression in peripheral blood to diagnose AR. METHODS The rats were divided into 4 groups each consisting of 32 rats: group A,(More)
This study aimed to explore the interaction and crosstalk between pathways in response to destrin mutations. All the pathways from the MINT database were downloaded, a protein-protein interaction network was then constructed, and the crosstalk between pathways was investigated, in particular, the overlap of 2 significant pathway analysis results. As(More)
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