J.-M. Wiley

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The problem of interpolating multivariate polynomials whose coefficient domain is the rational numbers is considered. The effect of intermediate number growth on a speeded Ben-Or and Tiwari algorithm is studied. Then the newly developed modular algorithm is presented. The computing times for the speeded Ben-Or and Tiwari and the modular algorithm are(More)
  • Eds R De Borst, E Van Der Giessen, J Wiley, Rene De Borst, Erik Van Der Giessen, Z P Bazant
The present paper summarIzes several re:>uirs on compression fracture and its scaling re-ct'fltiy obtailled at \'orthwestern liniver:>ity They deal with tht' devdopment of approxi-lllate asymptotic formulas for the nominal :'trength of quasibrittle structUl'es, and focuses 011 concrete and fiber composites. One approach exploits the approximate method of(More)
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