J. M. Wetherington

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An automated analog canceller is presented that uses feedforward cancellation in a bridge configuration. A minimum of 70 dB of analog cancellation is obtained. The canceller is used to construct an intermodulation distortion measurement system achieving up to 120 dBc of intermodulation dynamic range in two-port transmission testing and 140 dBc of(More)
The essence of radar, radio and wireless sensor engineering is extracting small information-bearing signals. This is notoriously difficult and engineers compensate by transmitting high power signals, reducing range, and spacing wireless systems in frequency and time. New understandings of passive intermodulation distortion, thermal effects, time-frequency(More)
A resonant antenna displays passive intermodulation related to antenna vibrations at levels that impact communications systems. A non-resonant antenna was immune to structure vibrations. Both antennas were of solid construction with thick metalization and did not exhibit electro-thermal passive intermodulation distortion previously observed with microstrip(More)
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