J. M. West

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Ridge curves are important features in human vision (see Koenderink, 1990, p.295). In this paper we apply a simple algebraic criterion of Porteous (1994) to the problem of nding ridge curves in machine vision. This work provides a simpler approach than other existing methods (see for example, Thirion and Gourdon, 1992, and Hosaka, 1992). To identify ridge(More)
The properties of bi-directional sliding of F-actin prepared from rabbit skeletal muscle moving along clam thick filaments have been characterized in the presence of agents known to modify unloaded shortening velocity in muscle to determine if the sliding characteristics of actin are similar in the two directions of movement. Actin filaments moved at a fast(More)
Ecological theory predicts that incorporating habitat heterogeneity into restoration sites should enhance diversity and key functions, yet research is limited on how topographic heterogeneity affects higher trophic levels. Our large (8-ha) southern California restoration experiment tested effects of tidal creek networks and pools on trophic structure of(More)
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