J. M. Webster

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  • T. C. L. Bridge, K. E. Fabricius, P. Bongaerts, C. C. Wallace, P. R. Muir, T. J. Done +1 other
  • 2011
Mesophotic coral reefs in the Indo-West Pacific, the most diverse coral reef region on earth, are among the least documented. This study provides the first detailed investigation of the diversity of Scleractinia and Octocorallia of the mesophotic Great Barrier Reef (GBR). Specimens were collected by 100-m rock dredge tows at 47–163 m depth on 23 sites in(More)
GlycoSuiteDB, a database of glycan structures, has been constructed with an emphasis on quality, consistency and data integrity. Importance has been placed on making the database a reliable and useful resource for all researchers. This database can help researchers to identify what glycan structures are known to be attached to certain glycoproteins, as well(More)
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