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The newly discovered unicellular micro-alga Coccomyxa actinabiotis proves to be highly radio-tolerant and strongly concentrates radionuclides, as well as large amounts of toxic metals. This study helps in the understanding of the mechanisms involved in the accumulation and detoxification of silver and cobalt. Elemental distribution inside Coccomyxa(More)
We present a concept for a small mission to the Sun-Earth Lagrangian L5 point for 47 innovative solar, heliospheric and space weather science. The proposed INvestigation of Solar48 Terrestrial Activity aNd Transients (INSTANT) mission is designed to identify how solar coronal 49 magnetic fields drive eruptions, mass transport and particle acceleration that(More)
Lyα and Lyβ line profiles in a solar prominence were observed with high spatial and spectral resolution with SOHO/SUMER. Within a 60 arcsec scan, we measure a very large variety of profiles: not only reversed and non-reversed profiles but also red-peaked and blue-peaked ones in both lines. Such a spatial variability is probably related to both the fine(More)
This is the rapporteur paper of Working Group 2 on Measuring Solar Abundances. The working group presented and discussed the different observations and methods for obtaining the elemental and isotopic composition of the Sun, and critically reviewed their results and the accuracies thereof. Furthermore, a few important yet unanswered questions were(More)
1H-NMR conformational studies of six branched triribonucleotides where the branch-point nucleotide was either U, C or G (4-9) have been carried out by assigning 1H resonances through 2D NMR and then observing the temperature-dependent (i) chemical shifts of the aromatic and the anomeric protons, and (ii) shifts of the equilibrium of N and S pseudorotamer(More)
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