J M Versteegen

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We present a method to detect and enumerate individual interferon (IFN)-producing human lymphocytes. The assay is based on the ELISA-plaque assay developed by Sedgwick and Holt (J. Exp. Med. (1983) 157, 2178; J. Immunol. Methods (1986) 87, 37). Mitogen-stimulated T cells are seeded in anti-IFN-gamma-coated wells. After a 16 h incubation period, the cells(More)
We have investigated the existence of a synergy occurring between the calcium ionophore A23187 and phorbol myristic acetate (PMA) with respect to human B cell proliferation and differentiation. The combination of A23187 (250 to 500 nM) with nonmitogenic concentrations of PMA (1 to 3 ng/ml) resulted in a strong proliferative response in human tonsillar,(More)
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