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The subversion of the normal function exerted by the cellular prion protein (PrP(C)) in neurons by pathogenic prions is assumed to have a central role in the pathogenesis of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies. Using two murine models of prion infection, the 1C11 neuronal cell line and neurospheres, we document that prion infection is associated with(More)
Aberrant mechanosensation has an important role in different pain states. Here we show that Epac1 (cyclic AMP sensor) potentiation of Piezo2-mediated mechanotransduction contributes to mechanical allodynia. Dorsal root ganglia Epac1 mRNA levels increase during neuropathic pain, and nerve damage-induced allodynia is reduced in Epac1-/- mice. The(More)
  • A Bockisch, S King, Air Products Plc, F-X Lemant, Air Liquide, M Meurer +10 others
  • 2007
Disclaimer of warranty All technical publications of EIGA or under EIGA's name, including Codes of practice, Safety procedures and any other technical information contained in such publications were obtained from sources believed to be reliable and are based on technical information and experience currently available from members of EIGA and others at the(More)
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