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Somatosensory evoked potentials, blink reflexes, and H wave reflexes, were recorded on several days from three patients with alpha pattern coma. Coma was secondary to cardiac arrest in two cases and to brainstem infarction in one. Results are compatible with damage to the brainstem reticular formation with sparing of thalamo-cortical circuits as the main(More)
The latencies of evoked potentials recorded at different levels of the peripheral and central nervous system by median nerve stimulation were measured before and after dialysis, and compared with similar recordings in normal volunteers. Abnormally slow conduction velocity was more often found in proximal rather than in distal segments of the peripheral(More)
OBJECTIVE Determine the diagnostic validity of the most usual neurophysiological procedures in the examination of compressive neuropathies and/or ulnar nerve entrapment at the elbow. PATIENTS AND METHODS A prospective observational study was carried out over a period of one year which included 19 patients with clinical features compatible with(More)
INTRODUCTION The objective of this study is to describe current tendencies in the recording and interpretation of visual evoked potentials (VEP). In the introduction we describe the history of the three main classical schools and the modern methodology which combines them, so as to study the photopic and scotopic systems together and thus be better able to(More)
In 24 normal subjects, sensory conduction velocity increased progressively from the distal to the proximal segments of the peripheral nervous system. In the central somatosensory pathway, sensory impulses slowed down at a rate much greater than what could be expected from just the three known synaptic delays (1 ms each) in medulla, thalamus and(More)
The characteristics of previous potentials of somatosensory evoked potential in 12 patients with lesions of the brain-stem and in 24 normal individuals have been studied. Lesions of the brain-stem were confirmed by means of computerized axial tomography, arteriography or necropsy. According to data reported by other authors somatosensory evoked potential is(More)
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