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Oocyte cytoplasm plays a prominent role in cloned embryonic development. To investigate the influence of oocyte cytoplasmic amount on cloned embryo development, we generated bovine somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) embryos containing high (30-40% of the cytoplasm was removed), medium (15-25% of the cytoplasm was removed) and low (<10% of the cytoplasm(More)
To evaluate the effect of distribution automation, and to support distribution automation planning, a benefit evaluation method of distribution automation is proposed. The method makes clear the aim of evaluation and boundary conditions, applies failure mode and effect analysis and enumeration to calculate the automation effect. The method applies(More)
Power supply reliability is the direct reflection of power supply capacity, which is the comprehensive reflection of power system planning, design, infrastructure, construction, equipment manufacturing, production, operation and other aspects. This paper will compare with the domestic and foreign area in power supply reliability, defines the content of(More)
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