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Pilomatrixoma is an uncommon benign tumor arising from hair follicles. They occur most commonly in the head and neck region, and are usually found in girls during the first two decades of life. These tumors may contain calcification, which, when present, is helpful in suggesting the diagnosis. We present a classic case of pilomatrixoma in the cheek of a(More)
We present the CT findings in two newborns with subcutaneous fat necrosis. This is an uncommon disease that occurs in neonates who have had difficult deliveries. The CT findings varied from discrete subcutaneous nodules to a diffuse subcutaneous fullness. Although the subcutaneous disease tends to spontaneously resolve within weeks to months, an associated(More)
Surgical exposure of the extracranial surface of the floor of the middle and posterior cranial fossa is difficult using the available techniques of skull base surgery. Considering this problem, cadaver dissections were performed and a new approach to the skull base developed. The parapharyngeal space is entered through a transcervical incision combined with(More)
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