J. M. Shafi Ferdous

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OBJECTIVE To compare the effectiveness of letrozole and clomiphene citrate (CC) in induction of ovulation in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). DESIGN Prospective, randomized, not blinded, controlled trial. SETTING A tertiary level infertility care center. PATIENT(S) Sixty-four anovulatory patients with PCOS, who failed to ovulate when taking 100(More)
Drought is a normal and recurring climate feature in most parts of the world and plays a major role in limiting crop productivity. However, plants have their own defence systems to cope with adverse climatic conditions. One of these defence mechanisms is the reprogramming of gene expression by microRNAs (miRNAs). miRNAs are small noncoding RNAs of(More)
AIM The aim of the present study was to assess whether continuation of metformin therapy throughout pregnancy can reduce the development of gestational diabetes in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). METHODS This experimental study was conducted in a private tertiary level infertility care center between June 2002 and December 2006. Fifty-nine(More)
Drought is one of the major abiotic stresses reducing crop yield. Since the discovery of plant microRNAs (miRNAs), considerable progress has been made in clarifying their role in plant responses to abiotic stresses, including drought. miR827 was previously reported to confer drought tolerance in transgenic Arabidopsis. We examined barley (Hordeum vulgare L.(More)
AIM Bangladesh has the highest level of incidence and mortality rates due to cervical cancer among women. The prevalence of cervical cancer in Bangladeshi women is 25-30/100,000. Human papillomavirus is an important cause of cervical cancer. The study was conducted to assess the immunogenicity and safety profile of human papillomavirus-16/18 AS04-adjuvanted(More)
The burden of maternal ill-health includes not only the levels of maternal mortality and complications during pregnancy and around the time of delivery but also extends to the standard postpartum period of 42 days with consequences of obstetric complications and poor management at delivery. There is a dearth of reliable data on these postpartum maternal(More)
For accurate and reliable gene expression analysis using quantitative real-time reverse transcription PCR (qPCR), the selection of appropriate reference genes as an internal control for normalization is crucial. We hypothesized that non-coding, small nucleolar RNAs (snoRNAs)would be stably expressed in different barley varieties and under different(More)
Drought is a crucial environmental constraint limiting crop production in many parts of the world. microRNA (miRNA) based gene regulation has been shown to act in several pathways, including crop response to drought stress. Sequence based profiling and computational analysis have revealed hundreds of miRNAs and their potential targets in different plant(More)
Worldwide, for an estimated 358,000 women, pregnancy and childbirth end in death and mourning, and beyond these maternal deaths, 9-10% of pregnant women or about 14 million women per year suffer from acute maternal complications. This paper documents the types and severity of maternal and foetal complications among women who gave birth in hospitals in(More)
In five cultivated rice varieties e.g., Nonabokra, PNR 381, Taipei 309, Koshika and TKM 11 the response in the initiation of callus and its size varied greatly among varieties, salt concentrations (NaCl and Na2SO4) and their interaction. Better regeneration ability of Nonabokra, Koshika and TKM 11 was found to be correlated to small size callus with a high(More)