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Thirty four fractures of the pelvic ring were examined by computerized tomography and the findings compared with those obtained with conventional radiography. CT scanning enabled precise delineation of the fracture sites in the posterior ring. A new classification is proposed which defines five patterns of fracture of the posterior ring. Computerized(More)
A marginal acetabular notch associated with a soft tissue mucoid cyst was observed in a 54 year old woman suffering from osteo-arthritis of the left hip with bilateral hip dysplasia. This condition is compared with observations made in patients suffering from osteo-arthritis of the knee with similar findings on the medial tibial condyle. The role of(More)
Security of Internet of Things has become a hot research topic due to their wide deployment, their huge generated information and the increasing new runtime attacks they are facing. Thereby, applications are unaware of what security mechanisms to apply, as well as how to overcome dynamic changing attacks. Accordingly, the concept that must cope with this(More)
A novel imaging method to detect prostate cancer and the clinical findings is presented in this study. The dual modal imaging system incorporates a transrectal ultrasound system and an electrical impedance tomography (EIT) system. The reconstructed electrical property image (EPI) is correlated with semi-quantitative pathological findings. An example of(More)
Robot-assisted laparoscopic partial nephrectomies (RALPN) are performed to treat patients with locally confined renal carcinoma. However, there are challenges in identifying tumor margins and critical benign structures in this time-critical procedure. The primary objective of this effort is to couple multiple image and data streams together to augment(More)
Sixty fractures of the femoral neck were fixed by a Descamps-Kerner compression screw and followed up for an average of 6.5 years. The functional results were estimated on the Merle d'Aubigné scale. Three cases had to be operated on again because of early displacement and seven did not unite. There were eleven necroses of the femoral head. The authors have(More)
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