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Thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) and luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LH-RH) have been measured by radioimmunoassay in individual human hypothalamic nuclei. A significant lateralization has been found for TRH in the ventromedial, dorsal and paraventricular nuclei, with higher concentration in the left side. In contrast LH-RH values did not differ(More)
Coburn's differential equation for the uptake of carbon monoxide by hemoglobin and two particular types of solution of this equation were considered and the solutions verified for a group of healthy adults consisting of 73 nonsmoking pedestrians or car passengers exposed to low levels of carbon monoxide as experienced in the city of Lyon. The CO levels at(More)
The characteristics of benzodiazepine binding sites (distribution, number, affinity) were defined on frozen sections of suicide's hippocampus (death by hanging) labeled with 3H flunitrazepam and compared to data previously obtained on control brains. The study was carried out qualitatively by autoradiography (distribution) and quantitatively by a(More)
Investigation of post mortem neurobiochemical changes is an important field in biological psychiatry which allows analyses of the analogies between peripherical markers and the central neurochemical processes they represent. Our study discusses the pathological neuroanatomy (collection and conservation of the anatomical specimens) and clinical criteria(More)
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