J. M. Rodrigues

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GALEN has developed a language independent common reference model based on a medically oriented ontology and practical tools and techniques for managing healthcare terminology including natural language processing. GALEN-IN-USE is the current phase which applied the modelling and the tools to the development or the updating of coding systems for surgical(More)
The chemotherapy of the metastatic breast cancer is characterized by the diversity of the treatment protocols and the utilisation of new expensive molecules posing the double problem of outcomes for the patients and financial effects for the hospitals. This survey describes the different chemotherapy treatments prescribed in the metastatic breast cancer and(More)
BACKGROUND Since 2001, the French national case mix program is allowed by law to use an enciphering algorithm named "FOIN" to produce a unique anonymous identifier in order to crosslink, within and across hospitals, discharge abstracts from a given patient. This algorithm "thrashes" the person's health insurance number, date of birth and gender. Before(More)
Computer vision for realtime applications requires tremendous computational power because all images must be processed from the first to the last pixel. Active vision by probing specific objects on the basis of already acquired context may lead to a significant reduction of processing. This idea is based on a few concepts from our visual cortex (Rensink,(More)
This paper aims to present the developments performed by the Brazilian Metrology Institute (NMI) – Inmetro, considering the environmental demand. Inmetro addresses great part of its activities to the study of the traceability transference based on production and dissemination of certified reference material (CRM) of different areas in chemistry. It will be(More)
Object categorisation is linked to detection, segregation and recognition. In the visual system, these processes are achieved in the ventral “what”and dorsal “where”pathways [3], with bottom-up feature extractions in areas V1, V2, V4 and IT (what) in parallel with top-down attention from PP via MT to V2 and V1 (where). The latter is steered by object(More)
This work tries to align the knowledge representation of Anatomy with Galen modelling of the French new coding system of surgical procedures named CCAM and the UMLS semantic network. We use a mixed method lexical and semantic to align the semantic categories of Galen CCAM with the UMLS semantic types. The matching rate is high and the 22 % of non matched(More)