J.-M. Reynes

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A vertical n-channel 150V-200V FLYMOSFET is proposed in this work for the first time. Initially, spreading resistance profiling, scanning capacitance microscopy and process simulation are used to provide an accurate 1D and 2D device physical characterization. Concerning the electrical study, FLYMOSFET measurements show superior(More)
Nowadays, the "on-resistance" reduction is key factor in the evolution of power devices, especially in power MOSFETs technology. In that way, innovating structures such as superjunction (SJ) [1] or floating islands (FI) [2, 3, 4] devices have been developed. Previously, a vertical N-channel FLYMOSFET, including one level of P buried layers called floating(More)
The present 14 Volts automotive electrical system will soon become 42 Volts. For these future automotive applications, development of 80 Volts power MOSFETs exhibiting low on-resistance is desired. The "floating island" MOSFET (FLIMOSFET) is one of the new candidates to break the silicon limit, which is the "specific on-resistance / breakdown voltage"(More)
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