J. M. Rappeport

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Transfusion associated graft versus host disease (TA-GVHD) results from engraftment of viable donor T-lymphocytes in recipient that can not recognize or destroy them. It is seen in immunocompromised patients and pre-mature neonates. It can also occur in immunocompetent individuals receiving blood from first-degree relatives. It has emerged as single most(More)
Four patients who received bone marrow transplants were studied sequentially during the posttransplant period to define the pattern of recovering lymphoid cell types. Three patients received T cell-depleted, HLA-matched marrow, and one received untreated marrow from an identical twin. Blood lymphoid cells were labeled with 25 different pairs of monoclonal(More)
The capacity of busulfan and total body irradiation to ablate hematopoietic stem cells as preparation for the allogeneic bone marrow transplantation of patients with congenital bone marrow disorders was studied. Fourteen patients received 18 transplants; busulfan was used in the preparatory regimen of eight transplants and total body irradiation in the(More)
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