J. M. R. Sanjurjo

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We prove that two countable locally finite-by-abelian groups G,H endowed with proper left-invariant metrics are coarsely equivalent if and only if their asymptotic dimensions coincide and the groups are either both finitely generated or both are infinitely generated. On the other hand, we show that each countable group G that coarsely embeds into a(More)
Dedicated to Sibe Mardeši´c in the occasion of his 80 th anniversary and in recognition of his guidance in the realm of geometric topology and shape theory Abstract. Let M be a locally compact metric space endowed with a continuous flow ϕ : M × R → M. Assume that K is a stable attractor for ϕ and P ⊆ A(K) is a compact positively invariant neighbourhood of K(More)
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