J M Pérez Aznar

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PURPOSE Poland's syndrome is a congenital and unilateral aplasia of the pectoralis major muscle (PMM), with other anomalies of the ipsilateral upper extremity. We present 6 cases in which the only clinical expression was asymmetry of the breasts associated with partial absence of the PMM. MATERIAL AND METHODS We reviewed 95000 mammograms (obtained(More)
Pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia (PASH) is a benign breast tumor of uncertain etiology, although marked hormonal influence clearly plays a role in this disease. The differential diagnosis is important because this is an uncommon lesion that can simulate malignant lesions both at clinical and radiological examination, and even the histological results(More)
The syndrome of A.A.S. Triad consisting of an intolerance to analgesics such as aspirin, bronchial asthma and nasal polyps, is every day more frequent. During the last years, the use of acetaminophen as an analgesic-antipyretic alternative in patients with A.A.S. Triad has been imperative. However, there are already publications that show reversible(More)
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