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BACKGROUND AN1792 (beta-amyloid [Abeta]1-42) immunization reduces Abeta plaque burden and preserves cognitive function in APP transgenic mice. The authors report the results of a phase IIa immunotherapy trial of AN1792(QS-21) in patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer disease (AD) that was interrupted because of meningoencephalitis in 6% of immunized(More)
BACKGROUND AD is characterized by cerebral deposition of beta-amyloid plaques with amyloid beta-peptide (Abeta) 42 as the major peptide constituent, along with neurofibrillary tangles and neuronal loss. In transgenic mice, active immunization against Abeta42 removes these plaques and improves cognitive function. A Phase I study in AD patients demonstrated(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS This study was designed to develop a practical risk score for predicting 5-year survival after the diagnosis of dementia. METHODS Using the Paquid Study (prospective, population-based, long-term cohort study), we created a prognosis score with incident cases of dementia and validated it in another prospective, population-based, long-term(More)
The concept of vascular dementia greatly evolved since Hachinski's description of multi-infarct dementia. Vascular dementias are reviewed with emphasis on current diagnostic criteria, elusive natural history, neuroradiological aspects, difficult epidemiological features and intriguing links with Alzheimer's disease. The recent proposed shift from vascular(More)
INTRODUCTION The clinical presentation of primary cerebral lymphoma can take on many forms. CASE REPORT We report the case of a patient who experienced recurrent neurological events mimicking stroke with normal brain MRI. A late performed MRI showed a mesencephalic lesion. A biopsy was obtained and led to the diagnosis of primary B cell lymphoma. (More)
Calcified aortic stenosis (CAS) is an unusual cause of cerebral infarct. The presence of cerebral intra-vascular or intra-parenchymatous calcifications, symptomatic or not, is suggestive of the diagnosis of CAS. We report two patients who experienced stroke induced by spontaneous calcic emboli from a calcified aortic valve and underline the importance of(More)
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