J. M. Noyes

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There is an increasing awareness of the importance and the benefits to be attained from consulting the end-users during system and product development. Although the rationale of utilizing the expertise of end-users in the system development life cycle appears to provide an apparently straightforward, even 'ideal' approach, there are many difficulties(More)
The relative 'explosion' of computerised technology in recent years has been accompanied by a wealth of psychological research that has indicated a mixed response of attitudes to the now ubiquitous computer. Whilst many people hold positive attitudes about computers, many individuals express serious concerns and have been labelled 'technophobic'. This study(More)
Pilot Situational Awareness (SA), namely, the pilot's ability to accurately perceive, understand and predict events, is an essential requirement of effective decision-making [1]. Good 'visibility' of aircraft state and environment is instrumental in maintaining a high level of SA. 'Cockpit transparency' indicates the capability of the cockpit to provide(More)
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