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Cryptography fails at feigning hackers about the presence of secret data, but Steganography with its many, efficient and effective techniques, camouflages the fact that data has been hidden, thus overcoming cryptography's Achilles heel. It includes hiding the message in a funny photo, or the melodious number or in extravagant hair standing videos.(More)
With advancement in computer science research on artificial intelligence and in cognitive psychology research on human learning and performance, the next generation of computer-based tutoring systems moved beyond the simple presentation of pages of text or graphics. These new intelligent tutoring systems (ITSs) called cognitive tutors; incorporated(More)
The global economic recession and the shrinking budget of IT projects have led to the need of development of integrated information systems at a lower cost. Today, the emerging phenomenon of cloud computing aims at transforming the traditional way of computing, by providing both software applications and hardware resources as a service. With the rapid(More)
Cloud computing provide much more effective computing by centralized memory processing, storage and bandwidth. The problem in cloud computing is that they are facing a potentially formidable risk for missing or corrupted data. Third party auditor should be able to efficiently audit the cloud data storage without demanding the local copy of data. DES(More)
This paper presents the implementation of wireless arm robot using Programmable System on Chip (PSoC) and virtual Instruments programming using LabVIEW graphical language. The wireless control has been implemented with Zigbee protocol. Some of the main features of Zigbee protocol are to establish wireless communication medium between the arm robot and the(More)
Mobile ad hoc networks are infrastructure-less networks used for communication between two or more nodes without a common access point. Due to frequent changes within the topology of the network, Routing protocol design with energy efficiency is an important issue. Our proposed scheme MPEER integrates Energy efficient routing scheme to improve the(More)
Web service present more interoperability and connectivity between the services. Now a days web service technology is been popularly used to implement information system as service oriented applications. As Security become predominant in case of web service WS- policy and WS-security is used where WS-policy discuss the constraint and capabilities of web(More)
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