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The accuracy with which the real needs of the people are met, in the prevention and control of AIDS, will determine the success with which the disease is controlled. A structured AIDS education that integrates with formal and continuing education is proposed as away of bringing about long term and lasting behaviour changes. The programme described here has(More)
The rapid spread of AIDS in Africa has brought into focus the need to integrate medical science with socio-cultural beliefs and practices. The scientific knowledge on HIV, immune systems and drugs is well established. However, the drugs which are in use in the developed countries are too expensive for the great majority of the persons with HIV/AIDS in(More)
The tunica media of the giraffe carotid artery is characterised by a predominantly muscular structure, except for a small area at the origins of the occipital and the vestigal internal carotid arteries. The latter has a preponderantly elastic structure and corresponds in extent to the parts of the carotid arterial wall innervated by a branch of the(More)
Research publications constitute sensitive indicators of output performance in university education. The patterns of publications in the East African Medical Journal shows that between 1962-1970 Uganda was the leading contributor due, primarily, to the research activities of Makerere Medical School. Thereafter the events in Uganda brought about a sharp drop(More)
The segmental and zonal variations in the quantitative relationships between elastic and collagen fibers within the lateral costotransverse ligaments have been investigated in the vervet monkey. The lateral costotransverse ligaments of the caudal segments have a largely elastic structure in contrast to those of the cranial segments, which are(More)
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