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Making safe and consistent decisions is essential to geometric algorithms. Quite a few solutions to this problem have been suggested in the recent years, but they generally ask that drastic changes be made to algorithms. A simple and eecient paradigm is suggested here, which enables programmers to forget about precision issues altogether, whatever algorithm(More)
This paper describes the process of computer-aided road design, for instance in the context of Geographic Information Systems, where linear objects (roads, rivers,. . .) are deened by their axes and transverse prooles. Various techniques are applicable , but few have the suucient exibility to satisfy the strong constraints familiar to users in that eld:(More)
Endorectal surface coil magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) was used in the local staging of prostate cancer in 47 patients. We used an 1.5 Tesla General Electric magnet. Fast spin echo sequences were acquired in all cases. All pathological specimen were reviewed by one pathologist. Pathological study showed that 19 patients had a locally confined cancer of(More)