J M Moltó Jordà

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We present the first imaging report of perforated appendicitis in an umbilical hernia. Computed tomography demonstrated a gas-forming abscess within an umbilical hernia and the cecum was found inside the hernial sac, with an inner relation to the abscess. Computed tomographic findings suggested appendicitis as possible diagnosis, which was confirmed at(More)
This work is part of the ViSaGe project. This project concerns the storage virtualization applied in the grid environment. Its goal is to create and manage virtual storage resources by aggregating geographically distributed physical storage resources shared on a Grid. To these shared resources, a quality of service will be associated and related to the data(More)
INTRODUCTION Transtemporal insonation by means of transcranial color-coded duplex sonography (TCDS) with low frequency probes (2-2.5 MHz) makes it possible to not only evaluate the blood vessels of the circle of Willis but also of brain parenchymal structures. A reduced number of studies, none of them in our area, have reported its usefulness for the(More)
  • Fran Benavente, Glòria Salvadó, J M Moltó Jordà, Maria Aurèlia Capmany, parla d'«Un
  • 2009
he article studies in depth the filmic legacy of Joaquim Jordà through its essential dialectics: reality and fiction, word and representation, character and storyline, identity and otherness... Using the figure of mirror as an identitary threshold the authors explore the cinematic, ideological and thematic devices that have turned Jordà's work into a(More)
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