J. M. Mercier

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We consider weak solutions of (hyperbolic or hyperbolic-elliptic) systems of conservation laws in one-space dimension and their approximation by finite difference schemes in conservative form. The systems under consideration are endowed with an entropy-entropy flux pair. We introduce a general approach to construct second and third order accurate, fully(More)
This article reports the first considerations, one dimensional ones, that led us to consider a new to our knowledge class of numerical methods, called " Optimally Transported Schemes ". The name " Optimally Transported Schemes " has been given because this method is designed using mainly Optimal Transport Theory and Optimal Quantization considerations.(More)
This paper reports the factor structure of a 37-item personality questionnaire intended to be predictive of driving performance in elderly persons. Subjects were 191 persons 63 years of age of older, about half of whom also were given perceptual/cognitive tasks and drove on a closed driving course. Although the personality questionnaire did not predict(More)
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