J. M. McGowan

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This paper addresses a distributed system where a manager needs to assign a piece of equipment repeatedly between two selfish agents. On each day, each agent may encounter a task—routine or valuable—and can request the use of the manager’s equipment to perform the task. Because the equipment benefits a valuable task more than a routine task, the manager(More)
Let G ⊂ O(4) act isometrically on S. In this article we calculate a lower bound for the diameter of the quotient spaces S/G. We find it to be 12 arccos( tan( 3π 10 ) √ 3 ), which is exactly the value of the lower bound for diameters of the spherical space forms. In the process, we are also able to find a lower bound for diameters for the spherical(More)
To motivate the construction, let us begin by looking at the much simpler situation that arises in real dimension 2. First of all, we all know that a complex curve (or Riemann surface) is the same thing as an oriented 2manifoldM equipped with a conformal class [g] of Riemannian (i.e. positivedefinite) metrics. If g is any Riemannian metric on M , and if u :(More)
The future orientation that health care providers have toward old age has been proposed as one factor that contributes to unfavorable perceptions of older patients. Two samples of students from a dental hygiene program (n1 = 145; n2 = 100) were questioned about their general attitudes toward older people, older people as patients, their own future, the(More)
The Dental Emergency Assistance Program is a collaboration between Michigan dentists and a United Way agency. The program's goal is to provide timely, accessible dental care to underserved people in a large metropolitan area. The authors analyzed the program's 1993 activities to determine sources of patient referrals, patients' demographic characteristics,(More)